Best Domain Name Registrar


If you want to purchase a domain name for your website or want to maintain huge domain portfolios in a single place, You must choose from the hundreds of companies competing for your business, Now, it’s time to see about the best registrar.

Below we dive into who is the best domain name registrar, how to choose the right registrar for your domain business, and the good and bad of some of the most popular domain registrars out there

Among Many Registrars out there, our choice and recommendation goes to Uniregistry

Uniregistry is especially made for Domainers who owns more number of domains and finds an easy way to manage all their domains in a single click. Based on Many Factors Uniregistry is the best registrar choice.

Domain Transfers

Make sure you check the transfer details in your policy. In most cases, you won’t be able to transfer a domain for 60 days following your registration. Some domain name registrars don’t allow for transfers, or they’ll even charge you a fee. You probably won’t want to transfer your domain right away, but it is something that might arise in the future if your domain name got sold and the new owner would like to transfer it to any other registrar, But if you’re on a different registrar the probability is less to complete the transfer process in a jiffy, But the advantage of being at Unirgistry is that they will not lock your domain unnecessarily unless you opt in the 60-days lock check box, and this will give you the freedom to switch registrars if needed. So easily and happily you can transfer the domain to the new owner in a jiffy and avoid of being hold for 5 working days to get it done. Many registrars put your domain on a 60-Days compulsory lock for even a small changes made like updating contact information, But Uniregistry will never do that. Godaddy and other registrars will lock your domain automatically as they wish. Also domain pushed to different account occurs with the 60 days lock at Godaddy but Uniregistry is the complete solution for all this problems and let you be hassle free. So try Uniregistry Today! Many registrars wont’ allow you to initiate transfer the domain within minutes, They would ask you to wait 5-7 working days entirely for the whole process. Some example for those; Enom, Moniker, NetworkSolutions.

Incoming Transfer

You will like it when you do that, We always love to transfer the domain in to Uniregistry as their Easy to understand and stable process will complete the process fairly. Hassle free!


They have Two Factor Authentication as usual to protect any unotherized access to your account.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Pricing is the most important factor and probably your most focus would be. When checking the cost of registration of a .com, renewal, transfer, WHOIS privacy protection and other features Uniregistry is the best choice. Usually register your domain for a period of one, three, five, or even ten years. Uniregistry provides the pricing slab accordingly the amount of domains you transfer or register with them. They provide very competitive and fairly low pricing for .Coms and other tld’s as well. Also comes with free Privacy protection. They support easy to go automatcic credit card payment for renewals & registrations, Pre approved paypal payment in a single click, Refund also will be provided and taken care if needed in any case. All the payments are secured and processed in an environmental with SSL.

Customer Support

Customer support is very important. Uniregistry have a dedicated support team who is responsive at the time we need help via Live Chat,Phone & Ticket. Their support is fast and helpful.

Rich User Interface

Once you have a single domain name or several hundreds of domains that can be a real headache and trouble if the domain management systems are hard to use. Uniregistry will provide a rich user experience and interface, Also all the processes are handled rapidly and responsively. You will know their one click edit/update option will manage 100’s of domains at a time. They have their one click market integration as well, Update the pricing and other details are damn easy. They also provides Mobile applications for both Android and iOs. You’ll love their app while on the go to manage all your domains.

Domain Market

Uniregistry also provides Market Place for listing your Premium Domain Names and they have their dedicated team to handle Premium Domain Name Brokerage Services as well.

Note: For pricing and other information you may need to visit their website or contact their support team directly . We have this post for just information purpose only.