FAQs Jazz Domain Market:

Who we are?

Jazz Domain Market is based in South part of India, Tamil Nadu. We maintain list of great keyword domains that suits many businesses and we sell them exclusively on our Market.

Are the prices listed on Jazz Domain Market negotiable and does Jazz Domain accept offers?

Jazz Domain will always consider your offer, however, our pricing may or may not be negotiable, depending upon the domain itself.

Who owns the domains listed for sale at Jazz Domain Market?

Jazz Domain Market the legal owner of every domain listed for sale on our website. Every domain listed on our site is for sale, and Jazz Domain Market does not currently provide listing services on behalf of third parties in our market.

Is JazzDomain.com and Jazz Domain Market is different?

Yes, JazzDomain.com provides brokerage, acquisition & consulting services of any third party premium domains exclusively, But JazzDomain.com/Market/ provides our own inventory of domain listings and exclusive sales.

How is the transfer process?

After we have received the payment in full, we will verify the purchase and transfer the domain to your own account at the domain’s current registrar. In some cases we will provide auth. code to transfer to your preferred registrar but it depends on the request and availability of the transfer lock.

How can payment be made?

Domains may be purchased directly through our website. we have Buy Now button just hit it to proceed with the payment.

What are the payment options available?

We have various payment options available at Checkout. They are Escrow.com, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfers. Soon we will implement Credit/Debit card options. Always we prefer Escrow.com to be a primary payment option for both buyer and seller protection. Upon selecting Escrow.com as a payment option you will be charged escrow.com processing fee extra. While selecting PayPal there is no refund or dispute applicable once the transaction completed and domain transferred.

Is there Payment Plan available?

At the moment we do not have payment plans available at Jazz Domain Market. In the future we may implement.

Will i have the full control of the domain after successful purchase?

Yes, once purchased the domain will be moved into your name and you will have full control of and exclusive registration rights to the domain. After you’ve purchased the domain, you will have the exclusive rights to do anything you want with it, including transferring the domain to another registrar or selling to any other.

Does anything come with the domain?

Honestly No. No logos, graphics, text or anything else currently associated with the domain is included. You are buying the domain name only. No hosting, e-mail, or any other service will be provided by Jazz Domain Market. You are responsible for adding extra services on your own and we never provide them.

Responsibility after purchased a domain;

Once you purchase a domain, you will be responsible for maintaining the domain’s registration. Failure to do so will potentially result in the loss of your domain. Jazz Domain Market is never responsible for that in any cases.

When is a sale considered final?

All sales are subject to the final approval of Jazz Domain Market and we reserve the right to deny any offer at any time, and for any reason. In the event that Jazz Domain Market decides to stop fulfilment of an order and payment has already been rendered by the buyer, we will issue a complete refund immediately. Only once the domain name has been transferred into the buyer’s name and the buyer has received possession of the domain will a sale be considered final.

Can I list my domains on Jazz Domain Market?

Not possible at the moment. We do not actively offer listing services. If you would like to sell your premium tier 1 domain, We suggest you to approach Jazz Domain Brokerage services via Jazzdomain.com